Sexual Addiction is an Issue

Please know you’re not alone. If you are someone struggling with a sexual addiction or porn addiction, you may be feeling a tremendous sense of shame and isolation, believing you are the only one holding onto this terrible secret. You may feel hopeless about overcoming it or nothing you’ve tried has led to results—even seeking professional help.

sexual addictionIt’s reported that 1 in 10 men have a sex addiction, and the rate is much higher for those struggling with an excessive pornography habit. We have helped countless clients overcome their addictions and can show you a way out!

Treating sexual addiction or porn addiction is very specialized, so it’s important you work with someone specifically trained in this area. Our therapists are trained and/or certified in the treatment of sexual addiction through the American Association of Sex Addiction Therapy. Our specialized treatment approach helps our clients find freedom and lasting recovery from sexual addiction.

We use effective strategies for overcoming addictive behaviors, as well as working to resolve the underlying reasons for the addiction. Addiction is often the opposite of connection, and we work to help you find healthy connections in your life crucial for long-term recovery.

Very often there’s another person involved in the web of addiction, so we also work to help our clients understand their partners’ experience of trauma and betrayal. This supports their partner’s healing, as well as potentially helping the relationship heal.

Sex Addiction Groups

In order to facilitate the process of connection, we offer counseling groups for those struggling with sex and pornography addiction. The research is clear that groups are an essential component of recovery from sexual addiction.

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