At Thrive Relational Recovery, our therapists are specially trained to help you cope with infidelity, betrayal trauma, sexual addiction, porn addiction, and intimacy anorexia. They are prepared to work with you, as well as your partner, to support you on your path to healing and living the life you desire.

Rebecca Knudsen Trauma Therapy Centennial CO

Rebecca Knudsen MS, LMFT
Clinical Director
Certified Sexual Recovery Therapist, Partner’s Recovery Therapist, Intimacy Anorexia Therapist, Betrayal Trauma Certified, EMDR Certified

David Ferrell Addiction Counseling Centennial CO

David Ferrell MEd, LPC, CAC III
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Addictions Counselor Level 3

Krista Haws Trauma Therapy Centennial CO

Krista Haws MS, LMFT
Sexual Recovery Candidate, EMDR Trained, Betrayal Trauma Certified

Michaela Standhart Sexual Addiction Centennial CO

Michaela Standhart MA, MFTC
Betrayal Trauma Certified, EMDR Trained, Sexual Addiction Recovery Trained

Rachael Valencia Child and Adolescent Counseling Centennial CO

Rachael Valencia MS, LPC
Child & Adolescent Counselor, EMDR Trained

Karen Norris Sexual Addiction Centennial CO

Karen Norris MA, LPC
EMDR Trained, Betrayal Trauma Certified, Sexual Addiction Recovery Trained

Kristin Cancilla Yoga Therapy Centennial CO

Kristin Cancilla MA RYT-200 TIYT
Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist