Over the past several decades, research has established the benefits of yoga for mental health. Why is this? Emotions are held in the body, and trauma, in particular, creates a pervasive state of body-based tension and hypervigilance. People who have experienced trauma often find they need to disconnect emotionally as a survival mechanism. It can become very difficult to create that connection again. This disconnection results in loss of joy, happiness, love, and other positive emotions. This is why yoga therapy works.

Yoga therapy has the ability to reach us on every level of our being – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

yoga therapy

Yoga therapy is a powerful tool for those experiencing anxiety, depression, addiction, or trauma. Recent studies have revealed those who include trauma-informed yoga therapy, along-side psychotherapy, experience deeper and more lasting results than they do with psychotherapy alone.

By accessing the body through yoga therapy, profound changes occur. Tension held in the body as the result of trauma is released, and this impacts the way the mind and body processes emotional discomfort and distress. Through yoga therapy, clients experience a deep and lasting change, accessing emotional experience by connecting with their body. At Thrive, we believe it is important to bring body, mind and soul together to create an experience of holistic well-being and personal growth.

We have worked diligently to find a yoga instructor who understands mental health and trauma, as well as having the training, sensitivity, and passion to make your yoga experience one of true healing for mind, body and spirit.

Kristin Cancilla, MA, RYT, brings her background in counseling to her yoga practice, and assists her students in connecting to the trauma held in their bodies, and learning to release it. She loves and is beloved by her students, creating an environment of safety and true healing!

Yoga program is $160 per 8 week course.

For more information, please email kristin@thriverelationalrecovery.com